Monthly Archives: January, 2016

29 Jan Fri Menu

TGIF! And thank goodness for pork belly! Meal OPTION A: Our seasoned and oven roasted pork belly served with a veggie/cauliflower fried “rice” (Paleo), super good. OPTION B: Tender beef, veggies with a side of Tumeric rice (not strict paleo but still healthy!). Both healthy, both delicious! Ger your order in using the big button […]

Thurs 28 Jan Menu

It’s Thursday and we’re debuting a new receipe today. Meal OPTION A is a brined chicken with a range of savory spices and served with a mixed veggie side. Meal OPTION B is our pulled pork nachos– slowed roasted tender pork and then put on Sweet potato slices. Orders ready from 11AM! Use the orange […]

Weds 27 Jan Menu

It’s wednesday and that means it’s steak or chicken, well, not really but today it does. MEAL A: A lovely ground beef patty with our special cardamom gravy. Meal B: The return of our unique chicken pancake (sliced chicken with sweet potato hash and eggplant ) and serve with a small side salad. Use the […]

Mon 25 Jan Menu

We’re debuting a new item today! If you are a fan of the “Perfect Burger”, you’re going to love the Chicken Jalepeño Burger (MEAL A). In the mood for beef? We have you covered! Try out the lovely spices in the Moroccan Beef Kefta! Use the big orange button above to order!

Fri 22 Jan Menu

Happy Friday and here are your lunch options! MEAL OPTION A: Chicken Provençal with mixed peppers and veggeies, super simple and simply delicious. MEAL OPTION B: Our famous pineapple and beef kabobs, these will go fast!

Thurs 21 Jan Menu

Happy Thursday! We have 2 great options for you today. Meal Option A: Grilled chicken salad with pineapple salsa! Meal Option B: Our famous spicy beef and pork chili served with a sweet potato hash to balance out the heat. Also – Don’t forget about our salads, available every day (they are a meal by […]

Weds 20 Jan Menu

Wow – 2 Great new dishes for you today, which is why we don’t have a photo yet! First off, Meal Option A: We got a whole Norwegian Salmon in and have cut this up into lovely 100g/150g (LG) fillets, grilled and served with a pesto sauce. We are also introducing some yummy pork ribs […]

Tue 19 Jan Menu

Two exciting options for you today including a brand new recipe! MEAL A: Introducting a gluten-free spaghetti with a classic beef bolognese sauce. MEAL B: Our super popular Chicken Basil Pesto Salad. Both ready for order, just use that big button at the top of your screen!

Mon 18 Jan Menu

Sorry, late post today but still time to get your order in! OPTION A: Roasted chicken thighs (luscious dark meat!) marinated in honey mustard and served with mashed sweet potatoes. OPTION B: Our famous beef tacos, stewed peppers wrapped in jicama “tortillas”. Use the big orange button above to put your order in!