Monthly Archives: April, 2016

MON 25 Apr Menu

Monday. Again. Seriously? Good thing we’ve got some healthy energy boosters for you today. Meal OPTION A: Sweet & Savory Beef Sliders Delicious, tender ground beef sliders, tomatoes, roasted apples and our homemade mayo! Served with a side cabbage salad. Meal OPTION B: Chicken Provençal w/ Basmati Rice Oven roasted Chicken with mixed peppers. Comes […]

MON 18 APR Menu

Welcome back!!! Hope your holidays were relaxing. We know you may have had a lot of cheat meals…today would be a great day to get back on track! Meal OPTION A: Pepper Steak Salad Hungry for Beef? Get the Pepper Steak Salad! Grilled Steak, Tomatoes, Capsicum, Olives all served over a bed of greens. It […]

FRI 8 APR Menu

FRIDAY! FRIDAY! FRIDAY! Grab your last meal before you escape Phnom Penh for the holidays! Meal OPTION A: Pork Meatballs w/ Tomato Sauce & Honey Lime Carrots Got meat? Pork Meatballs drizzled with our homemade tomato sauce, served beside sweet and tangy Honey Lime Carrots Meal OPTION B: Paleo Chicken Biryani Our version of the […]


It’s Thursday…we hope the hardest decision you have to make today is which of these mouthwatering dishes you want. Meal OPTION A: Sweet Potato & Zucchini Gratin Salmon Sea salted, lightly grilled, Salmon filet served over a zucchini and sweet potato gratin with a touch of basil pesto. Meal OPTION B: Pineapple & Steak Kabobs […]

WED 6 APR Menu

Nom Nom Wednesday. Nom Nom Paleo. Meal OPTION A: Paleo Beef Lok Lak Our cauliflower rice version of the local classic: tender chunks of beef, slices of tomatoes, and a lime pepper sauce! Meal OPTION B: Honey Mustard Chicken Thigh Roasted chicken thighs (luscious dark meat!) marinated in honey mustard and served with mashed sweet […]


Come and get it! Delicious, healthy food. Eat in or get it delivered to your doorstep! Don’t forget about our salads that are available everyday! Meal OPTION A: Pork Schnitzel w/ Roasted Spiced Pumpkin A German favorite, Pork Schnitzel, breaded in couscous, served with slices of deliciously spiced and roasted pumpkin. Meal OPTION B: Chicken […]

MON 4 APR Menu

Last Monday before Khmer New Year! Meal OPTION A: Moroccan Beef Kefta Beef Kefta spiced with cardamom, cinnamon, clove and basil, perfectly cooked and served over a bed of herbed veggies (zucchini, pumpkin, carrots and onions). Meal OPTION B: Caramelized BBQ Chicken Juicy BBQ Chicken leg with roasted cabbage and a sweet potato mash. Menu […]

FRI 1 APR Menu

Hey all Friday lovers out there! We’ve got 2 delicious, healthy options for you today! Meal OPTION A: Vietnamese Lettuce Pork Cups Deliciously seasoned ground pork inside big leafy lettuce topped with pickled carrots Meal OPTION B: Apricot Chicken Curry & Cauli-rice Satay curry sauce with juicy grilled chicken and dried apricots. Served over a […]