Monthly Archives: May, 2016

Fri 20 May Menu

Quick! Before your weekend starts, grab something healthy before you make decisions you might regret. Meal OPTION A: Spiced Meatball Duo Our spicy meatball duo (pork & beef) served with veggie tagliatelle. Meal OPTION B: Honey Mustard Chicken Thigh Roasted chicken thighs (luscious dark meat!) marinated in honey mustard and served with mashed sweet potatoes. […]

Thur 19 May Menu

Wait until you see your Kettlebell options today…they’re out of this world, delicious! Meal OPTION A: Beef Steak Fajita Juicy Steak, tomatoes, and peppers with a creamy lime guacamole served on a bed of greens. Eye catching and delicious! Meal OPTION B: Grilled Salmon w/ Béarnaise Salted, rare grilled salmon with béarnaise sauce with an […]

Wed 18 May Menu

Hear ye, hear ye! It’s Paleo Wednesday. Come enjoy some tasty food. Meal OPTION A: Roasted Chicken w/ Chips & Salad Oven roasted chicken breast marinated in a variety of herbs served with a side of those yummy sweet potato fries everyone loves. Meal OPTION B: Asian Cauliflower Pork Fried Rice A change of our […]

Tues 17 May Menu

We have the perfect food to season up your average Tuesday! Meal OPTION A: Perfect Ribs Perfectly cooked and seasoned Pork Ribs with sweet potato fries. Meal OPTION B: Pineapple & Steak Kabobs w/ Spiced Rice Sweet pineapple and tender steak kabobs, served with a side of spiced basmati rice. Menu & Order (Delivery from […]

Mon 16 May Menu

We hope you had a great weekend! Here’s your Monday meals: Meal OPTION A: Four Layer Beef & Bacon 4-layer beef casserole with mashed cauliflower and sweet potato with bacon Meal OPTION B: Honey Sriracha Chicken Sweet and spicy chicken served on a bed of cauliflower rice. Menu & Order (Delivery from 11:30): or […]

FRI 13 May Menu

T.G.I.F. Our famous Paleo Tacos are back! Meal OPTION A: Beef Tacos in Jicama Tortillas Stewed and seasoned beef with tomato sauce and veggies served in thin jicama “tortillas” and spicy chimichurri sauce. Comes with curried cauliflower rice. Meal OPTION B: Herbed Chicken Breast w/ Sweet Potato Oven roasted chicken breast marinated in a variety […]

THUR 12 May Menu

Oh no, decisions are hard sometimes. Fish? Beef? Fish? Beef? Meal OPTION A: Zucchini & Sweet Potato Gratin Salmon Sea salted, lightly grilled, Salmon filet served over a zucchini and sweet potato gratin with a touch of basil pesto. Meal OPTION B: Moroccan Beef Kefta Beef Kefta spiced with cardamom, cinnamon, clove and basil, perfectly […]

WED 11 May Menu

Middle of the week. Treat yo self. Meal OPTION A: Beef Bolognese & Veggie Tagliatelle Thinly sliced zucchini and carrots topped with ground beef Bolognese sauce. Meal OPTION B: Pulled Pork Sweet Potato Mash (formerly known as Paleo Nachos) Slow roasted pork served on baked slivers of sweet potato with tomato sauce and a variety […]

TUES 10 May Menu

Paleo Tuesday. Try these amazing dishes…or one of our 3 delicious salads! Meal OPTION A: BBQ Pork Fried Rice Our spin on this classic Asian dish. BBQ Pork Fried “Cauliflower” Rice Meal OPTION B: Hot Wings w/ Sweet Potato Fries Chicken wings covered in our own spicy sauce served with a side of sweet potato […]

MON 9 May Menu

We have the PERFECT Monday “pick me up” for you! Meal OPTION A: The Perfect Burger (paleo!) A bunless, juicy, beef burger topped with tomato, lettuce, and guacamole, served with sweet potato fries. Meal OPTION B: Chicken Curry w/ Basmati Rice (NOT paleo) Tender, juicy Chicken Curry with light, fluffy Basmati Rice Menu & Order […]