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Fri 19 Feb Menu

TGIF! I hope you have time to order from us today, we have two tasty dishes. Meal OPTION A: Paleo Chicken Biryani (with cauliflower rice). Meal OPTION B: Beef & Bean Chili con carne with Basmati rice Menu & Order (Delivery from 11:30): use button above or call for delivery 012 750 430!

Thu 18 Feb Menu

I hate that we kept you in suspense because today is a return of one our original popular dishes! Meal OPTION A: Beetroot Salad with Fish Mouse. This is a house original with a super secret recipe where we steam and roll up up the fish around spinach and seeds. The beetroot dressing tops it […]

Weds 17 Feb Menu

Hey, it’s Weds! Ready to order? Today we have: Meal OPTION A: Our Pork meatballs with tomato sauce and a side of veggies and salad. Meal OPTION B: Spicy Roasted Chicken with a side salad. Use the Order button go get your order in!

Tues 16 Feb Menu

Today serving up towo yummy meals for you, let’s get into it! Meal OPTION A: Beef and Pumpkin casserole with cauliflower base and a small side salad. Meal OPTION B: Chicken Provencal with grilled pepper and basmati rice. Accepting orders now, delivery from 11:30!

Mon 15 Feb Menu

Happy Monday and happy pork & chicken! Meal OPTION A: Our Paleo pork fried “rice”– Ground pork with seasened cauliflower rice. The Large size comes with an egg! Meal OPTION B: Basil Pesto Chicken Salad (this is great on its own but if you want have a small cheat, it’s also great with a little bit […]

Fri 12 Feb Menu

Hey Fans! Apologies about the late post but here you go! Two great options coming at you! Meal OPTION A: Our Mongolian style grilled beef served over a bed of Cauliflower Rice. Meal Option B: Our famous Paleo chicken Pizza where the meat is the crust! Use the button above to get your order in!

Thurs 11 Feb Menu

It just seems like time is flying by, super fast, doesn’t it? Well, already Thursday and we have to great treats for you! Meal OPTION A: The return of a new best seller, perfectly seasoned and tender Pork Ribs (we sold out of this before lunch closed last time) and a side of sweet potato […]

Weds 10 Feb Menu

We’re introducing a new item today, Meal OPTION A is a beef pepper steak with a mixed Salad. Let us know what you think! Meal OPTION B are our hot wings with sweet potato fries, a staff favorite. Use the big orange button to get your orders in! Food from delivery from 11:30!

Tues 9 Feb Menu

Happy Tuesday and a return to classic dishes eveyone always likes. Meal Option A: Our Paleo beef bologneses with veggie tagliatelle “pasta” (no wheat here, just thinly sliced zuchinni and carrots) with our rich sauce. Meal OPTION B: Grilled Whitefish with a coconut leak sauce. This light dish has excellent flavor and matches upperfectly with […]

Mon 8 Feb Menu

We’re debuting a new dish for you, Meal OPTION A: Our Apple Mustard Pork Burger! Diced apple and ground pork patty with a fresh tomato and lettuce, comes with a side of sweet potato chips. Meal OPTION B: Our popular Chicken Cashews Satay. Tender chicken breasts sliced, sauced and served with a lots of veggies […]